Can School Still Be Fun?

School is a very different place at the minute to how it was a few months ago. 

Many children aren’t even in school, and those that are, have to follow strict social distancing and protective measures. Times are very strange and confusing for children, and possibly even scary too for some. 

School is usually a place where you can have fun, play with your friends and learn new things. It is a place that children enjoy going and every day is different and exciting. 

But, with all of this going on, school might feel different - you can’t see all of your friends, the ones you can see you can’t play with, you're in a different class room, the school timetable has changed and the adults are all frantically cleaning. 


So the question is, can school still be fun? 

Strict rules, minimal social interaction, separation from friends and unable to do normal activities – it doesn’t sound too fun. So we need to make it our job to ensure children can enjoy their school life, make things as normal as possible, even when things are at their most abnormal. 

We can make sure children don’t have to miss out on some of the best bits of school – things like art, drama, PE, dance and sports day to name just a few. As long as the government's protective measures are followed, we can still let children take part in all of these fun activities – they don’t have to miss out on a happy, fun and safe education. 

Adaptations will need to be made to lessons, activities and games so that children can safely take part, but we can help with that. School can still be fun if we work hard to make it that way.

One way to have a day full of fun right now is to still go ahead with the annual School Sports Day. 

One Goal Can Help!

One Goal is delivering sports days in all of the schools we are currently in and we want to encourage other schools to do the same!

Learn how to run a fun-filled sports day and still follow the government’s social distancing and protective measures. 


Download our Safe and Fun School Sports Day Activity Guide


For Children and families at home download our Home Sports Day Activity Guide


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