Diary of a One Goal Wellbeing Coach During The Pandemic - Part 2


The coronavirus has had an impact on everyone's lives, especially the children we support in our school. In this 3 part blog series, some of our own team share their personal reflection and journey over the past few month.

We're extremely proud of our teams commitment to supporting children during these challenging times and we feel it's important to share their story. 

Over to Elsie Baxter....


The Beginning

In the beginning things were very strange and school felt different - some people were worried, some people didn't seem bothered at all, nobody really knew what to do or what was coming. Luckily, in my schools I found that most children seemed relatively unaffected by everything that was going on around them. I also found that most teachers didn't think schools were actually going to close - it wasn't until the rest of the UK announced their closures that people thought it might happen in England too.

During the last week or so before lockdown is when class sizes started reducing - the day before lockdown I actually taught a year 2  class with only 12 children in. The final day before schools closed was very strange, the schools seemed very organised and knew what they were doing, but behind the scenes things were hectic.










Lockdown Starts

The first day I was back in school, we found out that we were going to be working in teams on a rota system - 1 week in, 3 weeks off. I was in school for the first week - a week where nobody really knew what to do, but we made it work. Some days we had 1 child, some days we had 10, every day was different. We had new routines and new ways of doing things.

Everything had to be cleaned regularly, children had to sit apart and lessons were very different. I would usually teach some PE in the mornings and then do some more activities in the afternoons, and in between, just help out with whatever work or activities were going on at the time.

As the weeks went on and everyone got used to the ‘new normal’ things were easier - the hardest part was being creative and thinking of new games and new activities to do that were fun, but also allowed for social distancing. I found doing obstacle courses and races were good, they were fun and they could be easily adapted to keep the children apart. I also found that we could do some sports too, doing a skills based session like dribbling or shooting worked well - children would have their own ball and remain apart, whilst having fun and developing their skills.



Working From Home

When I wasn't in schools, I was working from home - working on projects and doing admin. I have enjoyed working from home (and not just because I have been able to sit in the sun). Working from home has given me a chance to get involved in things within the business that I might not have had the chance to do otherwise. I have worked on things that I have really enjoyed doing and I have also found that I've learned a lot along the way. 



Preparing to go Back to School

Schools are now starting to go back - Year 6, Year 1, Reception and Nursery, as well as the key worker children. My school starts back next week - I will be working mainly with the key worker children, as well as teaching some PE.

So I am spending this week coming up with lots of different activities to do with the children. I’m looking forward to being back in school a bit more regularly and working with the children again - hopefully bringing a bit of normality back to their lives and making sure they are all happy and healthy.


Elsie Baxter

One Goal Wellbeing Coach


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