Home Schooling Tips During COVID-19 Lockdown - Part 1

home schooling Apr 09, 2020

How is home school going?

If you're a parent with children that go to school, then the likelihood is that you’re now faced with the task of homeschooling your children for the next few weeks, possibly even months. Personally, I'm not expecting UK schools to be back open again until September, any sooner is a bonus!

Therefore, for the sake of our children's education, as parents we are going to have to step up to the plate and do our very best in providing a home schooling environment that helps children get through these challenging times so that when school does reopen, they're mentally prepared for catching up on their education.


Here are the first 3 tips to help you make your home schooling more engaging and successful:


TIP 1. Help your children adjust to the change. 

Some children right now will be really happy that school has closed for the foreseeable future, but there are a lot of children concerned and confused over what's happening in the world around them. They may also find themselves confused with you asking them to do schoolwork at home when usually home isn't where they do their schoolwork, apart from homework that is.

To help them adjust their mind to this new challenge, sit down and talk to them about how home life will change. Perhaps they’ll need to take extra responsibility for their own learning and to know the difference between the times at home when they're expected to do schoolwork, as well as the times when they can have fun and watch TV, etc. 


TIP 2. Create a daily routine. 

It's really important now more than ever to have structure in your day. When children go to school, they are used to following a well organised and consistent time table of activities. But when you take this structure away, some children can feel out of sorts, which can contribute to increased behaviour problems, boredom and changes in their moods.

Create a timetable that works for the whole family. Whilst you don't need to put yourself under pressure to be a professional teacher during the lockdown, it's useful to have a basic timetable in place that helps everyone understand what each day will involve. 

I'd recommend you write up your weekly schedule and put it up somewhere visible so that everyone can see it. This should be flexible though, it's not meant to be written in stone, but it will help create a sense of clarity and organisation each day.


Some things to think about might be... 

  • When will home school start? 
  • When are you going to have regular breaks from school related work? 
  • What main school subjects like maths and english are you going to cover each day?
  • And finally, when will your home school bell ring for ‘home-time’?


TIP 3. Cover core school subjects, but don't overdo it. 

Some parents are feeling under pressure to home school their children and the thought of teaching lots of different school subjects to your children may be overwhelming. 

As a parent you need to decide what you're going to be comfortable with. Your child’s school should have already sent home information about what the children have been learning recently, as well as resources and worksheets for them to complete.

Personally, my children are spending 3-4 hours maximum per day covering core school subjects like maths and english. That means they get to spend the rest of the day taking part in the subjects and activities that most parents actually want them to do more of! Things like PE, arts, music, dance, or even working on a creative project that really interests them.


Hope those 3 tips help you in these challenging times!

Stay Safe. Keep Smiling! 



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