Diary of a One Goal Wellbeing Coach During The Pandemic - Part 3


The coronavirus has had an impact on everyone's lives, especially the children we support in our school. In this 3 part blog series, some of our own team share their personal reflection and journey over the past few month.

We're extremely proud of our teams commitment to supporting children during these challenging times and we feel it's important to share their story. 

Let's hear Paul Wong's story...


Becoming Aware Of The Coronavirus

I vaguely remember hearing murmurs of coronavirus being mentioned on the television but I've never really been the kind of person to pay much attention to the news. However over the coming days it became more and more frequently talked about not only on the news but by other around me.

The main point of contention seemed to be the effect it was having over in China, and to me the extreme measures the Chinese government were taking to contain the virus. Even though this did catch my attention I was still sure it wouldn't affect us over here in England.


Then Things Started To Change

Surprisingly a couple of days later the government announced it had reached England. Even when this announcement was made it never crossed my mind that the country would go into lockdown with schools and small businesses being affected directly.

It was at this point that the realisation of the situation started to kick in for me. It began to raise questions such as how will this affect my job, my family and my health?

I also began to consider if I was doing the right thing by continuing to go to work. Was I being selfish? Was I putting my family members at risk? I began to feel frustrated with the whole situation. I was at battle with myself whether to go attend work or not, especially since I had my son to consider.



How I Reacted To The Challenge

However, I feel I’m quite a resilient person. I got my head down and followed the government guidelines of social distancing and washing my hands every 20 minutes. As the days became weeks I got into the new routine of adjusting to the Covid-19 lifestyle.

Although strange and surreal initially, going from seeing over a hundred children a day to working with 10 to 20 children in the whole school.

All planning was out the window in terms of having a lesson plan. This challenged me to think of other ways to keep the children engaged and active. I also learnt how to be more creative when working with the children. I picked up these skills from working closely with the school teachers. This also helped me build rapport with the teachers along with the children.


Getting Creative With The Kids

Some of the creative things I did included making slime, doing exercise classes, creating a sport day with social distancing rules in place amongst other fun things.

On reflection, the time I've spent working in schools over this pandemic period has certainly been surreal and not just from a work life perspective. It has also affected my personal life and continues to do so.

From a work perspective, although initially I was apprehensive about working, I’m glad I’ve been able to continue working throughout this period. I feel being present in the schools has been beneficial for myself and for the schools I've been able to work in. I was able to sharpen my skills and pick up new skills. I was also able to build stronger bonds with children and school staff.



I’m proud of myself and of my work colleagues who have shown bravery, commitment and dedication to get the job done along with all the staff at the school I’ve been working with.


Paul Wong

One Goal Wellbeing Coach


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