Don’t Let Your Kids Miss Out On Sports Day This Summer!

Do you remember your school sports days back in the day?

  • Did you do the egg and spoon race and crack the egg?
  • Did you fall flat on your face in the 3 legged race?
  • Did you manage to get in the sack for the sack race?


OMG; I had a few embarrassing moments too. 

But I also remember winning my 1st ever sports day medal. And I had to wait until I was 12 in high school. It was for an 800m race that wasn’t as fun as balancing an egg on a spoon but as I had tried really hard to get fit for this race I was determined to do my best!

I didn’t even win (I came 2nd) but it didn’t matter, it did a lot of good for my confidence as only 2 years prior I was an overweight kid who couldn’t run 1 lap of track! And to this day I still have the medal.


What Abut Sports Day This Summer?

Whether your children are in school or at home, I believe children should still get their annual sports day this summer! Who knows what this will do for their confidence and sense of happiness right now...

So don’t let lockdown or all the COVID-19 protective measures in school, stop children from enjoying the fun activities and some healthy competition. 


One Goal Can Help!

At this time of year we are usually helping lots of our partner schools run their sports days but because of the lockdown many schools are cancelling sports day. But wait, there is a way to run a safe and fun sports day... We don’t want schools cancelling sports day and for children to miss out. 

Some of our amazing coaches have also helped to design 2 activity guides to help schools and parents run their own sports day. 

These guides are free to download and will give you some simple, safe and fun activities that children and families can do as part of their own sports day.


Download Your Sports Day Activity Guide And Save Sports Day 2020

CLICK HERE to download the School Sports Day Activity Guide


CLICK HERE to download the Home Sports Day Activity Guide



I’d like to personally thank Finn, Elsie, Paul W and Paul K for their recent efforts in contributing towards our sports day activity guides and for continuing to support and inspire the children in our schools during this pandemic. 


I hope you find the activity guides useful and most importantly your children’s sports day still goes ahead whether that be at home or in school.


Enjoy and have fun!





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