The Most Exciting Day Of The School Year Might Be Cancelled

For a lot of children, sports day is their favourite day of the school year, and most children this year are going to miss out on this special day. But they don’t have to!

Every summer, schools across the country put on the event of the year – sports day. 

A whole day of no lessons, playing games, taking part in races, competing against friends and most importantly having fun. Sports days provide a chance for children to show off their skills, demonstrate things they have learned, let off steam after working hard all year and even earn prizes like trophies and medals.

Sack races, egg and spoon races, running races, obstacle courses, javelin, long jump – just some of the fun and games had at a typical school sports day. 

But this summer, children across the country are being told that their sports day has been cancelled.

The pandemic has meant that many children aren’t in school, they are being home-schooled, and those that are in school, are having to follow strict social distancing guidelines. This has meant that special events like sports days are being cancelled by many schools.

But it doesn’t have to be like this. The children do not have to miss out – those at home and those in school, can all still have a sports day to remember. 

Schools can let children enjoy their day of fun, games and competitions, whilst also ensuring they remain safe and happy and adhere to the government guidelines of Covid-19 protective measures. 


One Goal Can Help!

One Goal is delivering sports days in all of the schools we are currently in and we want to encourage other schools to do the same!

Learn how to run a fun-filled sports day and still follow the government’s social distancing and protective measures. 

Download our Safe and Fun School Sports Day Activity Guide


 For Children and families at home download our Home Sports Day Activity Guide


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