Would Sports Day Be A Good Or Bad Idea Right Now?

sports day Jun 25, 2020

Do You Think Sports Day Is A Good Or Bad Idea Right Now?

As a parent would you let your child take part, or if you’re a school headteacher will your sports day be going ahead this year?


First Let’s Remember The Benefits of Physical Activity...

The physical benefits of sports and activity on children improves strength and endurance, helping to control weight and reduce obesity. 

Participating in physical activity also has many benefits to mental health too, including reducing stress and anxiety, reducing feelings of depression, and boosting self-esteem. 

What About Some Healthy Competition?

I think everyone would agree that physical activity is good for children, but what about when it comes to competition? Is competition good for children?

Competition can help children learn lifelong skills and develop themselves as individuals. One of the biggest skills learned through competition is the ability to win and lose, real life is full of winning and losing - learning how to do both gracefully is important. Other qualities, such as resilience, perseverance and hard work are also developed through healthy competition. 

Children can also learn how to be a team player or even a team leader by taking part in competition, and in turn developing skills like empathy and the ability to encourage others. 

These are all skills required throughout life, skills that will help shape the children of today into happy, healthy, kind and inspired adults.


What Does This Mean For Sports Day?

We believe that children should still get the opportunity to take part in a sports day this year. A sports day filled with fun and healthy competition!

One Goal is delivering sports days in all of the schools we are currently in and we want to encourage other schools to do the same!

Learn how to run a fun-filled sports day and still follow the government’s social distancing and protective measures. 


Download our Safe and Fun School Sports Day Activity Guide


For Children and families at home download our Home Sports Day Activity Guide


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