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Do You Know That

1 in 6 Pupils in Your Class Could Be Struggling With A Mental Health Challenge?

(Based on 2021 data from NHS England)

As a primary school teacher, it can be disheartening to see your young pupils struggling with mental health issues. The situation has been exacerbated by recent events, such as the pandemic, making it even more crucial to address these challenges.

Are you tired of feeling helpless when it comes to addressing your students' mental health needs?

Do you feel like you're drowning in a sea of responsibilities and don't have enough time to give each student the support they deserve?

And let's not forget about the constant stress and pressure that comes with being an educator - how is it affecting your own mental health and well-being?

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But there's a solution that addresses these challenges head-on:
The Primary Mental Health Champion Training Programme!
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This powerful programme doesn't just teach children the essential knowledge and skills they need to support their own and their peers' mental health – it also addresses the challenges that teachers face head-on.

This comprehensive and effective programme equips you with the essential knowledge and resources to better support your pupils' mental health and well-being. By incorporating this training into your classroom, you'll create a safe and nurturing environment that promotes learning, growth, and success.

And that's not all – the training empowers children to take a more proactive approach to managing their own mental health, freeing up your time and energy to focus on what really matters – teaching and inspiring your students.

By participating in the programme, you'll also gain practical advice and tools to improve your own mental health and well-being, ensuring that you're at your best for your students.

Through this engaging and interactive programme, schools can build resilience in their pupils, creating a positive and supportive environment where everyone thrives.

The success of the programme in training over 25,000 pupils across hundreds of schools in the UK speaks to its effectiveness.

As a leader in promoting mental health awareness and resilience among pupils, the Mental Health Champion Training Programme is paving the way for improved mental health education.

The programme's content meets and then exceeds the Department for Education's policy and guidelines for teaching mental health and well-being, as well as aligning with the latest best practices and statutory PSHE curriculum guidance.

So don't let the challenges of mental health stand in the way of your pupils' success.

Equip yourself and your pupils with the knowledge and tools they need to thrive by Training Them As Mental Health Champions!

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With the Mental Health Champions Training Programme, You Can Build a Brighter Future for Your Pupils

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Why Train Your Pupils As Mental Health Champions?

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  • Empower your pupils with the tools to achieve better physical, emotional, and mental health through our programme.
  • Equip them with stress-busting techniques that will help them overcome any challenge and emerge stronger than ever.
  • Help your pupils to better understand their own mental health, and develop greater control over their emotions.
  • Unlock their future potential to achieve more in school and reach new heights of success in their life.
  • Watch as they make a positive impact not only in their school but also in their community and beyond.
  • Give them the power to become a force for good and create a better world.

Achieve CHAMPION Outcomes

At the heart of our Mental Health Champion Programme is the winning CHAMPION outcomes. When your pupils become Mental Health Champions, they'll learn to be:

C Calm and centred, even in stressful situations

HHappier and more fulfilled

AAppreciative of the good things in their life

MMindful and present in the moment, for better focus and productivity

PPositive and optimistic, even in the face of challenges

IInspired to achieve more and help others do the same

OOpen-minded and ready to learn and grow

NNever give up, resilient attitude!

It's not just about winning - it's about helping others win too.

Like a true CHAMPION!


Discover the Ultimate Mental Health Champions Training Programme…

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The Mental Health Champions Training Programme is bigger and more powerful than ever before and unlike any other mental health and wellbeing programme out there....

It's not your typical training programme - it's a life-changing journey!

The Mental Health Champions Training Programme is the ideal solution for schools looking to equip their pupils with comprehensive mental health education.

The programme includes 32 video based lessons, providing pupils with a thorough understanding of essential topics in mental health awareness and self-care strategies.

Offering an expanded range of tools, fun stress-buster techniques, and interactive learning videos, it empowers your pupils to achieve their full potential with a calm, positive, and focused mindset.

This programme is specifically designed for Key Stage 2 pupils, aged between 7-11 years. However, the content can be adapted by teachers to accommodate pupils of different ages.

The programme's flexibility and adaptability makes it easy for schools to implement in as little as just 30 mins per week.

Schools can even tailor the schedule to meet their unique needs. Teachers can facilitate the video lessons in class at their own pace, whenever and wherever it's convenient for them!

Our step-by-step approach makes it easy for your pupils to learn and apply the skills and techniques they need to become Mental Health Champions…

And once trained, pupils can take on various roles within the school and participate in projects that promote mental health and well-being.

The engaging video lessons, downloadable materials, and additional resources provided in the programme allow for a seamless implementation, minimal pre-planning, and an enhanced learning experience for all pupils.

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Empower Your Pupils

The Mental Health Champion Programme Gives Your Pupils A Headstart To Thrive In Life

When your school signs up for the programme here's what you'll get access to:

The Primary Mental Health Champion Training Programme

Inspiring Education

32 video-based lessons organised across 8 modules covering essential topics on mental health, wellbeing, self-care strategies and tools.

Interactive Content:

Engaging content delivered through high-quality HD videos with captivating graphics and interactive activities.

Tailored Implementation:

Flexible implementation with access on any device through our online learning platform.


Customise how you use the programme to address unique challenges and promote wellbeing across your school.

High Quality Learning Resources:

Save time with our ready to watch lessons, downloadable learning workbooks, activity worksheets, learning quizzes, pupil assessments and certificates.

12 Months Dedicated School Support

Dedicated Support:

Access to dedicated support for 12 months to help schools implement the Mental Health Champions Training Programme effectively.

Expert Guidance:

The support includes ongoing guidance and feedback to ensure the programme's success and long-term impact on pupils.

Ways to Stay In Touch:

Email, telephone and Zoom customer support is available for teachers and school staff.

Graduation Sessions For Each Class

Build Pride In Pupils:

Each class gets an individual graduation session, ensuring all pupils get the attention and recognition they deserve for their achievements.

Celebrating Accomplishments:

The graduation session offers an opportunity for pupils to celebrate their accomplishments, promoting a sense of pride and self-worth.

Inspiring Finish:

The graduation session provides an uplifting finale whilst helping pupils to reflect on their learning and growth throughout the programme.

Exclusive Invites To Our Mental Health Champion School Awards

Recognize Pupils' Success:

Our virtual graduation ceremonies provide a platform for pupils to celebrate their success in becoming mental health champions.

Promote Learning:

Pupils get the chance to share their knowledge and achievements during the ceremony, creating an opportunity for others to learn from their experiences.

Foster Community:

By connecting with other schools across the UK, pupils can build a sense of community and collaborate with others to promote mental health awareness.

But Wait, There's More!

We're Also Including Some Exclusive Mental Health Champion Bonuses!

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Pupil Badges


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Set of Certificates


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Pupil Lanyards


Transform Your Classroom Today!
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What Schools are Saying!

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“From the Mental Health Champions programme pupils have gained an understanding that everyone has mental health and you need to be aware that just because you can’t see it, it is there and is important.”

Tom Critchley

Class Teacher

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“The workshop was great and ideally pitched for our pupils. They learnt lots of skills and strategies for their own and others' mental health.”

Charlotte Davies

Teacher/Mental Health Lead

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“The pupils have learnt how good and useful it is to be a mental health champion, they will be able to promote this and hopefully inspire others to become one too. The workshop itself was a great combination of practical and theory.”

Sarah Wilkinson

Year 3 Class Teacher

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“Children had a great day, there has been very positive feedback from children and staff. The pupils have gained strategies that will help them cope with feelings of stress or if they are nervous as well as a good understanding of mental health.”

Ellis Holt


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“Everything was great, a mixture of theory and active learning. The pupils have gained confidence, strategies and skills to support their own mental health and that of others.”

Kelly Bates

Assistant Headteacher

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"The children’s ideas were heard and they have gained a good understanding of what mental health is and why it is important to have good mental health.”

Mrs Rebecca Harrison

Pastoral Lead

Everything You're Going To Get

  • The Primary Mental Health Champions Training Programme (Value £1995)
  • 12 Months Dedicated School Support (Value £300)
  • Personal Graduation Session For Each Class (Value £100)
  • Termly Invites To Mental Health Champion School Awards (Value £300)
  • Pupil Badge Pack (Value £50)
  • Set of Certificates (Value £20)
  • Pupil Lanyards (Value £30)
Total Package Value £2795!

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1 x Class Licence for 12 months

£995 +VAT


6 x Class Licences for 12 months

£1495 +VAT


Unlimited Licences for same school for 12 months

£1995 +VAT


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