13 Ways to Fund The Mental Health Programmes In Your School

funding guide Nov 01, 2023

Studies show that up to 1 in 5 pupils struggle with a mental health disorder. Anxiety and depression rates have been rising over the past decade. 

Many factors contribute, like academic pressure, bullying, social media, family issues, and trauma. 

Warning signs like emotional outbursts, withdrawn behaviour, falling grades, and substance abuse are often overlooked or misinterpreted. 

Schools are in a unique position to spot these issues early and help pupils get support.


Why Positive Mental Health Matters for Academic Success

Mental health directly impacts a pupil's ability to learn and thrive academically. 

Issues like anxiety, depression, and stress affect concentration, memory, motivation, and overall cognitive functioning. pupils who feel emotionally supported are more engaged in school and learning. 

They are also more likely to ask for help from teachers when needed. Promoting positive mental health helps create an environment where pupils can fully focus on academic material.


Steps Schools Can Take to Support Mental Health

While most schools want to address pupil mental health, limited budgets and resources often get in the way. But supporting pupil mental health doesn't have to be expensive if schools get creative and leverage community resources.

To learn budget-friendly tips and strategies that any school can use, download my free guide "13 Ways to Fund Mental Health Programs in Your School" using the link below.

Inside the guide, you'll discover:

  • Grant opportunities specifically for school mental health initiatives
  • Strategic partnerships that provide mental health services at no cost
  • Creative methods for fundraising and engaging parent volunteers
  • ...and much more!

Whether you are a principal, teacher, or school counsellor, this guide will give you plenty of takeaways to advocate for more mental health resources in your school.

When schools make mental health a priority for staff and pupils, it pays dividends for the entire school community. 

My hope is that this guide will inspire you with real-world ideas for making mental health programs feasible, even with limited time and budgets. 

Small steps can make a big difference in the lives of pupils!


13 Ways to Fund Mental Health Programmes In Your School

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